Ike Onyechere. MFR

Onyechere is founder of organizations and projects dedicated to promoting ethics, integrity, best practices and good governance including: Ethics Resource Center Nigeria; Joint Education Stakeholders Action Coalition; Safe School Academy International; Due Diligence and Good Governance Empowerment Project (Project EDGE); Safe School Empowerment Project (SASEP); Campus Sense Project; and Global Movement for Sex-for-Grade Prohibition Legislation

He is author books that form the comprehensive body of knowledge resource for promoting best practices in education including Exam Ethics Manual, Safe School Manual, Exam Ethics Students Excel Handbook, Campus Sense and Letter from Necropolis. He consults for Education Ministries, Agencies and Institutions across Africa.

He has received numerous Awards in recognition of his work towards promoting best practices in education including the Nigerian National Award in the Order of Member of Federal Republic (MFR)

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