Ghana Education Service clears air over promotion verification, checkout details

This news was culled from Ghana Education News publication.

Sections of staff of Ghana Education Service have been put in dismay by the request of their employer (Ghana Education Service) to submit key documents to the Human Resource Management and Development Unit at the Ghana Education Service Headquarters, to get things right concerning the 2021 Promotion Aptitude Test.

Some of the affected teachers stormed the Human Resource Management Unit at Ghana Education Service this morning to present their grievances.

Teachers were told not to panic about the impending verification by the Head of HRMD at GES Headquarters. The HRMD further stated that teachers could verify their documents with the help of the the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Education Directorates.

One of the teachers who were present had this to say:

“I was at the headquarters this morning. In fact, the head of the HRM received us very well and assured us that majority of us have really passed the test except that they need to verify our last promotion letters before declaring the pass. The officer said those of us present today will by next week receive messages of our results.

Officers were made to verify the promotion letters and took details of every candidate. That is Name, Staff ID, year of last promotion and current rank. This was done in categories of rank applied to. As soon as your is data taken and verified you leave. Same thing could be done at the regional offices without necessary travelling to Accra. The HR assured”.

According to the teachers present, the HRMD said teachers could do the verification at their respective District Education Offices. However, nothing has been heard from the various District Education Directorates.

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