Covid-19: Reimagining Education in Post Pandemic World

This News was culled from Indian Today Publication of May 31, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously upended the education system. Along with the shift from classrooms to computer screens almost all aspects of learning are being tested. Format of instruction, attendance, evaluation, the role of technology, and human interaction are all being re-imagined and there is a growing possibility that some of these changes will last.

The prolonged closure of schools and colleges has also highlighted some underlying vulnerabilities in the education system and as the various stakeholders strive to address challenges and plug the gap, education, as we know, is going to change forever. Blended learning will be a new norm, which has also been envisaged in our NEP 2020.

Learning by screen or remote learning will continue to play a major role even after schools are able to re-open post the pandemic. Digitization of education is the future and we have been making significant strides in that direction even before the pandemic struck.

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Some schools in smaller towns and cities are not in a position to hold classes remotely and a large number of students are suffering because of this. Steps must therefore be taken to make remote learning more accessible and everyone can benefit from this mode.

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