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Biobelemoye Josiah, MHWUN President, wins Health Leadership Impact Award of the Decade (2011 – 2020)


The Independent Award Committee of Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria (ERCN) has unanimously voted Comrade Biobelemoye Joy Josiah, National President, Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria, as Winner of ERCN Health Leadership Impact Award of the Decade (2011 -2020).

The Health Leadership Award of the Decade is designed to identify, recognize and celebrate CEOs of Health Agencies whose activities made the most outstanding and distinguished impact towards the development of the country in a particular decade.

After an intensive nomination, screening and assessment process that lasted from June 2019 to July 2020, Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (MHWUN) under the leadership of Comrade Biobelemoye defeated Eighteen (18) Leaders of Health Sector Agencies to clinch the Award. All materials for the assessment are available in the public domain, websites, internet, media reports of
events, etc. None of the participating agencies, including the winner, was aware of their being considered for the Award.

The relative impact of the policies, programmes and projects of the agencies within and beyond their core mandates was scrutinized in detail.

MHWUN was unanimously voted as winner based on ten factors including:

• Ability to fire up the rank and file of all organs, cadres, leadership and members to buy into implementation of the vision and mission of the union.

• Thinking out of the box to refocus union business for self-reliance with excellent financial management and investments.

• Successfully inspiring and motivating workers to remain on the frontline of healthcare service delivery despite challenges.

• Facilitating the coming together of critical health sector agencies to implement the interagency and multi-stakeholder health security project for the first time in Nigeria.

• Successfully contributing to efforts to promote best practices in public service recruitment and promotion examinations.

• Development of next generation of leaders.

• First health agency in Nigeria to distribute Covid 19 personal protective equipment (PPE) to members.

• Humanitarian and outreach programs to provide support of medical, food and essential materials to less privileged.

• Good international brand ambassador and representation in international programs.

• Successful translation of strategic plans into high performance action.


MHWUN is today the largest trade union of health workers in Africa encompassing twenty-seven (27) specific technologists/scientific officers cadre, thirty-two (32) specific health technicians cadre, seventy-seven (77) specific health assistants cadre, thirty-eight (38) State Councils, six (6) zones, a Central Working Committee and a National Executive Council, with peculiar administrative, policy and decision-making structures.

The National President would not have achieved the successes profiled by the Award Committee without the support of other leaders and managers at various levels of the Union.

Therefore, the ERCN Health Leadership Impact Award of the Decade rightly belongs to all leaders, managers and members of the Union. But as history teaches us, leadership is everything. The quality and competence of the Leader as CEO determine whether or not the entity (country, state, organization, institution, union, etc) succeeds or fails because the buck stops on his or her table. This is why Comrade Biobelemoye J. Josiah is being called out for this Award on behalf of his team.


Critical stakeholders in the Nigeria Project including: CEOs of public and private organizations; unions leaders; management schools of tertiary institutions; federal state and local government agencies; etc are enjoined to understudy and learn from the management and administrative strategies.

This is particularly important in the area of prudent financial management and revenue generation investments in a period when many governments and agencies are going bankrupt. The issue has nothing to do with whether or not MHWUN is a “rich” Union because they cannot be richer than governments and all other agencies.

How come the Union is able to implement multi-billion naira projects in record time without borrowing a kobo from any bank and in the best tradition of accountability, integrity and transparency?


Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria (ERCN) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, committed to promoting ethics, integrity, due diligence, good governance, best practices and high performance in public and private sector organizations.

The Centre’s health and education sector leadership impact award initiatives are designed to recognize and celebrate most outstanding, impactful and transformational leaders with view to inspiring present and future leaders.

Ike Onyechere, MFR
Chairman, Governing Council, Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria.

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