Successful students understand that there is no such thing as “failure”. If you really work hard to prepare for exams and still perform poorly, it may be the signal to redirect focus in order to achieve your career objective and ultimate destiny. Parents, teachers and all other people purporting to be ‘helping’ you through exam malpractice are short circuiting God’s divine arrangement for the you as Education is a journey of self discovery.

Work hard to understand, identify and develop your special gifts and talents in whatever direction God guides you: movies, music, sports, football, teaching, painting, fashion, medicine, law, engineering, business, public service, journalism, comedy, politics, etc.

The examples and lessons that there are no such things as “failure” are clear and present. All around us are many people   who have achieved great wealth, fame and stardom in many works of life because they allowed their true talents to shine through without engaging in fraud and malpractices and pretend to have talents and capabilities which they do not have.

Many successful people are known to have even dropped out of school or finished with ‘poor’ results. James Monroe, William Harrison, and Williams Makinley all dropped out of their receptive schools in 1776, 1791 and 1860. Still they went ahead to become the 5th, 9th and 25th Presidents of United State of American in 1817, 1841 and 1897 respectively. It is reported that Bill Gates did not complete his education at Harvard University. Yet he went ahead to found Microsoft Corporation and eventually become the richest man in the world.

This is not to suggest that you should drop out of school by not working hard. After having worked hard to prepare for examinations, the results form part of the process of  discovery of your true talents in your journey to achieving the divine mission for which God created you. Indulging in examination malpractice is a sure way of thwarting God’s Devine plan for you. It is actually a stupid and foolish thing to do.You must comply with all the laws, rules and regulations that guide successful outcome of examinations, discovery of true talents and achievement of destinies. The 20 laws of exam success, talent discovery and destiny achievement that you must obey are summarized below.

1. Exam Ethics Law of Success

Examination Ethics is the respect for the rules, regulations, conduct, ethics and moral principles governing all forms examination, assessment and evaluation systems in all sectors of human endeavor. The Exam Ethics Law of Success states “Exam Ethics promotes success by promoting ethical values, competence, and competitive advantage”.

2.Exam Malpractice Law of Failure

Examination malpractice is any act of omission or commission which compromises the validity, reliability and integrity of any examination, assessment or evaluation system. It makes it impossible to use the result of tests evaluation, assessment and examinationsystems to determine the level of skill and competence of candidates. The Examination Malpractice Law of Failure states that “Examination Malpractice promotes failure by promoting corruption, incompetence andcompetitive disadvantage”

3. Law of Self Discovery         

You can only discover yourself if you allow your journey through education to serve as compass and pathfinder to answer two questions: why did God create me? What talents did God bestow on me to enable me achieve my mission on earth?

You can only answer these questions correctly by committing to code of examination ethics. You cannot answer the questions correctly by telling yourself lies about your abilities and competences through examination malpractice.

4. Law of Talents

Avoid the tragedy of not discovering specific talents, of being mired in the wrong profession, of taking the wrong turn. Avoid missing your way in the journey of life. Four things are important:  realization of the truth-the truth is that God in His infinity mercy and wisdom has a plan for you;prayers for Gods guidance to discover the specific talents God bestowed on you for the purpose of achieving your mission in life;understand the language of God and allow your talents to manifest through objective assessment that leads to self-discovery; praying for God guidance  through the process of talent-discovery which is what being in school is all about.

5. Law of Destiny

Open their eyes and minds to the realization that God moves in mysterious ways.What is considered a failure, a difficulty or challenge may actually be God’s mysterious navigational compass directing you towards your destiny.  So, develop the patience and perseverance to wait for God’s divine plan to manifest without short circuiting it with examination malpractices.

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